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XP: Menu too fun?

Jumping off another post, my fiance and I wanted to do a menu that reflects what we eat. FI is very anti-plated dinner (we love cooking together and rarely eat at fancy restaurants), so I asked venue to draw up a menu that sort of "upscales" our favorite foods, with some regional favorites (I am from Iowa, he is from Philadelphia) thrown in. We really wanted something fun and comfortable and the caterer was eager to jelp.

While at first I loved the menu, now I am thinking that it might not be crowd pleasing, especially if we have to explain the meaning behind each item. We have plenty of time before this needs to be finalized and FI is pretty stuck on this menu. Opinions? I should also note that the wedding is not formal.


Pot Stickers

Pistachio encrusted chicken fingers with dipping sauces


Fresh Seasonal Fruit Display with Wafers

Salad Greens with Seasonal Vegetables and choice of dressings


Mini Philly cheese Steak Sandwiches

Pulled Pork Sliders

Quesadillas with Condiments

French Fries in Individual Cones or Packets

* Sweet Potato Fries, Boardwalk Fries (Thick, Crinkle Cut), Regular with Rosemary &

Sea Salt


Farfalle Pasta with Home Made Sauce Choices (Pesto., Vodka,Marinara)

Condiments: Sun Dried Tomatoes, Sunflower Seeds, Asiago Cheese

House Made Meatballs

Chicken Cutlets

House Made Mac & Cheese in Individual bowls

Condiments: bread Crumbs, Bacon, Ham, Chives, Tomatoes, Carmelized Onions

Fresh Asparagus with Lemon Sauce

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