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My bridal salon (White Flower) said that they have 3 seamstresses they work with and alterations are typically $400 - $700 (and more if customization is requested). That seems like a lot. My dress fits almost perfectly. I want my waist/hip area taken in and some of fluff (tulle?) under the dress removed (seriously I could do that with scissors). I guess I'm trying to figure out if that means my cost will be $400 or under. Oh, and they don't take credit. They want cash or check which is tough 2 months before my wedding.

What have you SD ladies paid and what did you need done?



Re: $$ Alterations $$

  • I think its just you and I on here, kiddo. I always do my alterations at the dry cleaner and haven't bought a wedding dress before. Sorry I'm no help.
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    I paid $125 for a hem and bringing in the chest area a little. But she messed up the hem so I won't recommend her to you.
  • I haven't had alterations done yet. However, I just bought my dress from David's Bridal and they quoted me $20 to have cups sewn into my dress and around $55 to do a bustle. 

    So, based on DB your seamstress seems pricey, you might want to shop around on Yelp.
  • I just paid $320 today at PreVue in Grossmont. I only got the length shortened and a bustle added. Oh, and cups sewn in but that was only $5.00.
  • My ex-seamstress aunt is going to do mine as a gift, but when I bought my dress at David's Bridal they quoted $250 for a significant hem, taking it in quite a bit, and adding a bustle, so $400 seems like a lot!
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