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does anyone know where i can find this?

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im looking for a off the shoulder lace bolero to wear with my wedding dress, and all i've found is online. and i would like to try it on with very simple dress! Does anyone know where to get these in the area?

Re: does anyone know where i can find this?

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    I would check with Lulu's or Bridal Boutique of Lewisville.  It looks like the bolero's and lace jackets that Pronovias makes and both those salons carry Pronovias.

    Lulu's is actually having a trunk show September 20th.
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    One bride I knew had one custom made by her alterations lady. She said it was WAY cheaper than buying one brand new- and the color specifically matched her dress. It was gorgeous.
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    i thought about that anyone suggest an alterations lady? cause im buying a simple dress but i want to add some detail to it! like a lace hem on the bottom also to match the lace bolero! 
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    Becky Fowler: beckyfowler1@live.com.  I was just at her house on Friday, though, and she is suuuuuuper busy, so get in touch with her quickly!

    Or Leigh Anna with Maybe Sew (sorry, don't have her contact info, but if Becky is too busy, she can give it to you).



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