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Creme Cupcake?

Does anybody have experience with Creme Cupcake making their wedding cake? I know they are a relatively new business.

Their prices were incredibly cheap, but the portion of the cupcake I had when I stopped in for a consultation (not a tasting) was a tad dry. I was there near the end of the day, so they had probably been sitting out, but my only worry with having them do my cake is that it will be dry.

Re: Creme Cupcake?

  • Our cake and cup cakes were great! Not dry at all. They did a great job.
  • I wanted to try the cupcakes out for our wedding... I had read reviews about the cakes being dry so I went as soon as they opened on a saturday (prob not more than a half hour after they opened) Tried 4 different ones. Only 1 was not dry, the topping/frosting fell right off another and one didnt taste good at all...

    for me this was a dealbreaker if it was only a half hour after they opened and I had bad luck. hopefully you will have a better experience! im actually going with Cache!
  • I make cupcakes in bulk up to 400. contact me for information I live in des moines and happy to accommodate you! [email protected]
  • I had a consultation there. It's 25 per person and so worth it. You can pick up to 8 desserts to try.
    None of the choices I had were dry.
    I had cake, cake balls, tarts and pie for my samples.

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