Plus Size Wedding Party Frustration

Most of my bridal party, 3 or the 4 bridesmaids, are incredibly forgetful. To the point that it feels like they're being rude. I asked my sister (and MoH) to have the 3 bridesmaids that live near her (3.5 hours away) to all try on their dresses and tell me how they were fitting. Our wedding is in 9 days and they're all sizes 22-26. It's not an unreasonable request to have them make sure they all still fit into those dresses. 

She said she'd do it that day. That was 3 days ago. I asked her today if they've done it yet and how did they fit. She texts me that they will do it tonight since they are all over at her place for dinner. 

It's like... I asked her 3 days ago to do it. And for her to tell me that they'd do it tonight since everyone is over there makes me feel like they wouldn't have done it at all if I hadn't said anything. And this isn't the first time I've asked them to do things (like figure out how they're getting here and book rooms for themselves) and they'd ALL tell me they'd do it and come to find out that they haven't done anything, don't plan to do anything, and now it's MY problem to figure out.

I'm just... so... RAWR!!!
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Re: Plus Size Wedding Party Frustration

  • Whether or not they're plus-sized they should try on their dresses for any fit issues. I don't really know what it has to do with this board but I hope for your sake it all comes together.

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