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Hi Ladies,

I am recently engaged and doing some research for reception venues.  We are planning our wedding for November 2014 so an outdoor reception is not an option.  The ceremony will take place at St. Gregory's in Zelienople.

Everything I am finding fits in around 40-60 dollars a plate which is just WAY over our budget.  Does anybody have any budget friendly ideas or pictures??  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :)

Re: "Cheap" venue help!

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    We are having ours at the North Park Lodge in North Park - $350 for the whole day to use the lodge and also includes a liquor license. We liked this because it's extremely affordable - not thousands just to rent a room or space and we can bring our own caterer in and supply our own alcohol.

    We are using a cater and are doing a brunch reception  - we will have about 60 guests and the cost will be about $20 per person for food and dessert (we are doing cupcakes and muffins instead of cake).

    One thing with these park locations is that it's a lot of DIY. We are bringing in our own tables and chairs and having chairs outside for our ceremony as well - luckily we found an affordable chair and table company finally.

    Best of luck and enjoy the planning :) 

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    Thanks for your help! I've considered the lodge but can't find any pictures, so we might have to make a trip there. How much are you spending on table and chair rental? I almost feel like an all inclusive would end up being cheaper, but the price per person is so not budget friendly. Why do places feel the need to break our banks for a wonderful celebration.  I'm feeling so frustrated with this venue process.
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    I know - it can be stressful!

    Check out Affordable Tents and Awnings - that's who we found for tables and chairs. I don't have the numbers in front of me, but delivery and set up were VERY affordable for a weekend day event. I want to say we are spending around $400-$425 including delivery and setup and them coming to get everything after. We also needed two sets of chairs - one for outdoors ceremony and one for indoors reception.
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    Did you try the mayernik?
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    Mayernik is expensive also and their dates go quick. It's $2600 to rent for 5 hours, $500 per additional hour, plus "their" catering, which isn't cheap. You only have a few preferred caters to choose from. I have all their information in my email. (Erin's fine foods, Monteverds or Remo's are your only choices)

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    Try Blueberry Hill Park in Wexford.  
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    What size wedding are you planning to have? 

    Cutting down the size, having it on a Friday or Sunday, doing a brunch like previously suggested, doing something non-traditional like maybe just a dinner in a party room of a restaurant,doing something more of like a picnic/BBQ theme where the food is cheaper than a formal meal (probably not the best if it's in Nov), or doing cocktails/appetizers instead of a full meal...those are all things I've read when looking to cut costs.

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    Check out The Edgewood Club. They let you bring your own alcohol and choose from 3 catering companies. I just started looking so I haven't seen it yet, but I heard its nice.
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    We will have roughly 150 guests.  Blueberry hill looks nice but might be tight. I heard the Mayernik was pricey as well. I've always loved the White Barn in Prospect but I heard it's 4500 to rent.

    Have any of you ladies ever been to a wedding at the American legion in Zelie? It is very nice on the outside and have heard they have great food.  I still have to set up a time with them and its hard to find pictures.  I'm considering going there and I'm okay with renting chair covers or fancier chairs to spice it up.  Afterall, it would still be cheaper than some of these banquet halls!! 
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    I've been there. It's nice, kind of plain but clean and fresh!

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    Try Cranberry Highlands Golf Course.
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    Cranberry Highlands price per person seems nice but they add all kinds of other "fees" and it really adds up!  It looks so nice there though.


    Wynnecorgi: I thought it was clean and fresh too!  I figured I could make up with the plainness in décor!  Do you remember how big it was, maybe approx. how many tables could fit?

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    I was there and there were about 100 people.. not crowded.
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    Check out the Bigelow conference and reception center in Oakland-- right near Pitt. It's gorgeous!! It's very affordable. You can bring in your own alcohol and I believe your own caterer ( not positive on the caterer). It's a historic site so it's gorgeous with marble columns and crystal chandeliers!
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