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Vows- opinions please :)

This is now my third version of vows and I feel that I need input. As much as I want to share it with MOB or MOH, I feel that's awkward. 

FI, you make me so happy. You have an incredible talent for making me smile. That is one of my favorite parts about you. Sometimes when I get too caught up life, you show me that life doesn't need to be so serious. 

This ability of yours to shine light on a dark day is what makes us compatible. When I want to throw in the towel, you support and encourage me to go the extra mile. I often get overwhelmed and you are great at just taking life as it comes. 

If I were asked my favorite thing about you, It would be difficult for me to answer. In the end though, I love how wonderfully sweet you are. I'm lucky to be paired with so much compassion and loyalty. 

We have always had such a unique relationship. I wouldn't change a thing about you, or us. I couldn't imagine spending my life in any other way than by you side. 

Today, I promise you this:

I promise to stand by your side in good times and in bad; to be your partner and support you.

I promise to be silly and enjoy life with you.

I promise to fight fairly, apologize when I'm wrong and forgive when asked. 

I promise to never give up on us; and most of all to love you unconditionally. 

I tried to get ideas from others online, and made them more personalized. Thoughts?
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Re: Vows- opinions please :)

  • What are you feeling off about?
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  • I meant I feel off about sharing them with mom or MOH. I more just wanted opinions about flow, and they would have focused on the content.
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  • Gotcha. I think the flow is fine. It strikes me as a little long, but ours are super short because we don't really want to do a lot of talking, so I don't know if I am the best judge for that. :-)
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  • I agree with @hardlyhannah - they seem a little long BUT they are very heartfelt and meaningful. And if my FI told me that stuff during our wedding as our vows - I'd be a blubbering idiot :)

    As for the longness comment - I've been to weddings where they did their vows and they were longer than yours - so I definitely think its fine :)

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  • Thanks to both of you :) honestly I thought they were short; most vows I've heard have been novels haha.
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  • In my opinion, and this is my opinion, in my relationship and my life (not yours) - they are long. And, if you are hesitant about asking opinions now from real life friends, remember that they and many more people will hear them.

    We only considered the short, traditional vows. What you have is lovely, but again, my opinion only, is something that you can write in a card or give to him and him only.

    But, each person is different. 
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  • That's actually what we are doing - we are writing each other cards with the more personal stuff.

    Here are our vows:


    I promise you
    to be faithful, supportive and loyal
    and to give you my companionship and love
    throughout all the changes of our lives.

    I vow to bring you happiness.
    I will treasure you as my companion,
    and I will celebrate the joys of life with you.

    I promise to support your dreams, 
    and to walk beside you,
    offering courage and strength through all endeavors.

    From this day forward, I will be proud to be your husband/wife and your best friend.
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  • It's not an issues if saying in front of others, my mom just doesn't deal with emotions well so I knew she would try to joke if I told them to her.

    Would it be better to skip the first part and just do the promises?
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  • @Emilytork - it really is up to you.  But if you only do the promises - the first part should definitely be shared with him because I think it would mean a lot and be a great reminder throughout your marriage of the reasons you married him - so maybe just do the promises and then give him a letter the day of...
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  • i think they are great as long as you like them they are perfect to your relationship.
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  • i like them, i do not think length really matters to be honest, if you like them and feel they are perfect for you and your FI. then go for it. its YOUR day- remember that.
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