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Alternative to "until death do us part"

I'm sure this has been asked before- but the search function didn't come up with anything for I'm asking anyways :)

What are some good replacements for "until death do us part"...I think that just sounds creepy and I'd like to think we'd love each other even after one of us passes.

I've heard "for all the days of our lives" but that makes me think of the soap opera haha!

Re: Alternative to "until death do us part"

  • I'm LDS but my fiance isn't a member of my church so we can't be married in the Temple for all eternity; I'm looking at "now, always, and forever" & something along the lines of "as long as we keep the commandments God has given us". We're both very religious and believe that we'll be together in the heaven so the last alternative really works for us.
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