Gown Cleaning and Preservation - Recommendations?

Can anyone recommend a dry cleaner for dry cleaning and preserving a wedding gown, in the Austin area?  Thanks!

Re: Gown Cleaning and Preservation - Recommendations?

  • I'm probably going to use my seamstress who sends them out to a company she uses.

    Contact Beatrice with Alterations And Veils, or call her at (512) 335-3655.

    I -love- Beatrice!!  She's an awesome seamstress as well!  :)
  • There are some dry cleaners who specialize in cleaning and preserving wedding dresses, just be sure and read reviews. Austin Cleaners up on McNeil was referred to my by my wedding florist, they have a great reputation.
  • I used Parkcrest cleaners. They were a little pricey but highly recommended by several cleaners who could not handle my dress because of the beadwork and timing. I had to et it cleaned before the wedding and was on a time crunch. They did such a good job I did preservation with them as well.
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