Hey everyone...My fI wants to wear converse all stars with his tux...Im not too sure but it sounds like a cute idea and it is totally him...Does anyone have any pics of what it would look like or know of anyone else that did this??  What are your thoughts?? Thanks!!

Re: Converse?

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    My fiancé got some converse from men's warehouse for the reception.... I think it's a totally cute idea....look on Pinterest for pictures!
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    Is he wearing a tux or a suit? I feel like a tux is too formal to wear sneakers.
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    He's wearing the black Vera wang tux from men's warehouse...he is wearing dress shoes for the ceremony and changing into the converse at the reception...I think it's a cute idea...especially if it fits his personality.
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    My fiance and my son are wearing orange converse and I'm wearing Pink ones.
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    When my fi was in his cousin's wedding this year he did it - and it was really really cute. I'm starting to see it a lot more. I say let him do it.
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    Totally bought my navy converse to match my navy shoes.  Converse shall be worn later into the evening and for some pics.  The day is about showing off BOTH of your personalities.  
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