Coverse all Stars?

Hey everyone...My fI wants to wear converse all stars with his tux...  Im not too sure but it sounds like a cute idea and it is totally him...Does anyone have any pics of what it would look like or know of anyone else that did this?? What are your thoughts??  Thanks!!

Re: Coverse all Stars?

  • my fi is doing this.. and i actually am the one that gave him the idea.. as a proposition that i could wear flip flops instead of heels :) plus he is not the dress up stuffy tux kind of guy.. at all
  • I'm not a big fan of converse or flip flops with formal wear at formal events, such as weddings (just my personal opinion).  If you are having a casual wedding and reception, fine, but not for a more formal wedding.  As an alternative, could you change into the converse and flip-flops once the dancing begins?

    As this has been popular for awhile, try googling for pictures of converse weddings or something similar.
  • With a winter wedding I'm not completely sold on this idea
  • If your guy wears converse on a regular basis or have a love of converse than yes, you should totally allow your future hubby wear converse with his tux. Your gonna be wearing an amazing expensive dress, he should at least be able to pick out his own shoes. For our wedding I want the to girls to wear color matching (analogous color) Keds and the guys are going to wear Vans (fi's a Vans fan). The converse can also double as a gift to your groomsmen. If he doesn't wear Converse regularly, it would be lame to start sporting them on the day you guys get married.
  • I love this idea! Especially if it fits you FI personality! I think it makes for such cute and fun pictures.
  • We are doing it!  My FI and all the guys are going to wear them.  Even my dad, because he likes converse too.  I am going to wear dresser shoes to the ceremony and change into my own pair of converse for the reception.  I think it's totally cute if it's your style.  We are quirky and a little different.  A super formal black-tie event is just not us.  I think your wedding should reflect you, and if that is you guys then do it!  I have seen lots of pics of people wearing them.  You can search on-line and I have also seen some on pinterest. 
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