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Help! Need ideas for intimate wedding!

I am NOT into having a big wedding for myself (kind of ironic that I am on the knot then, huh?) and currently want an intimate ceremony and reception for immediate family only, which would be under 20 people (including bride and groom). I do want to have something beautiful, thoughtful, and be able to share with close loved ones. However when browsing venues, it seems that many are best suited for 50+ guests (eg. banquet halls). 

I currently live in the city of Boston and would want to have something local. I am not opposed to the idea of going to somewhere like the Cape and providing overnight accommodations for everyone, considering it will only be for 15-20 people. I am open to ideas of small places to hold possibly both ceremony and reception. Despite it being a small guest list, I do want to make it my own and have it seem beyond just a nice dinner.

Any thoughts? 



PS. I have not set a date, season, even year... haha! I am starting with 0! 

Re: Help! Need ideas for intimate wedding!

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    My wedding is going to be very small as well. Like 11 guests. We're getting married at my parent's house and then going to a restaurant for lunch.

    One suggestion would be look at your local board and here and maybe ask for suggestions. Maybe there is somewhere near you with a small chapel or a private room at a restaurant?

    Best of luck! 

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    I think private rooms at a restaurant are the way to go.
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    You should check out B&Bs. FI & I liked the idea of having our ceremony there, but most of them are just too small for our guest count. It sound like they'd be perfect for you, though! 

    Another idea is to check out wineries and/or breweries. Lots of them have beautiful rooms you can reserve for smaller groups of people. 
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    The Boston board may have more ideas.
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    What about your favorite restaurant?

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    We're also having an intimate ceremony and reception. Our ceremony will take place in the courtyard of the place where we'll be having our reception. Have you thought about doing a destination wedding. Since your wedding party and guest list is so small, it may be easy to accommodate. You could try a gazebo at a park that you like to visit or even a small charter boat.

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    There are a TON of ideas, suggestions, pictures, advice for intimate weddings!!
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