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Chargers for table

I really like table chargers but even renting them is pretty expensive! 
I came up with this idea using some mdf wood I had lying around from another project, paint and mod podge. It's not perfect yet (was too impatient to let the first layer of mod podge dry completey) but what do you guys think? 

any feedback would be great!

Re: Chargers for table

  • I would get rid of the wording card, because it will not be seen once plates are put on top of it so it will just be a waste of time and money.  I also think that the diamond shape is a bit odd.  Think about how close you like your plate to you at the table.  If you pull the plate close to you then half of it wouldn't even be sitting on the piece of wood but rather hanging off the edges, but if you pull the whole thing closer then the pointy end will be hanging off the table and probably poking some people in the gut.  I would say either make the wooden chargers square or round.

    Finally, if you do decide to go with this make sure that you really sand the edges down so none of your guests get splinters and make sure to paint the edges as well.

  • I found this image with the charger being diamond shaped - so the table setting would look something like that 

  • Yeah, I still don't like the diamond shape.  I also think it is silly to place the flatware on the "charger" since you need to have space to put a plate.  That means your guests will then have to move everything off the charger just to have room for a plate.  The purpose of chargers is to be a decorative base for your serving plates, that is it.

    I also think that the diamond shape would still be very odd since most people will want to move the pate closer when they eat resulting in the charger not really doing its "job".

    The only other thing I can think of is if you have your staff remove the chargers before dinner is served but then you still run into the issue of having all that flatware and napkin and what not having to be moved before they can take the charger.

  • I get that you like the look of chargers but I would save yourself some time, energy and money and just add in that color with other decorative items, like glass stones scattered around the centerpiece or even placed in vases with a candle on top.  I don't know what color you are doing for your tablecloths but you could get napkins in that accent color.  You could even do ribbon wrapped votive holders or glitter covered votive holders in that blue color.  Just some ideas.

  • We didn't do chargers. Nobody missed them. It saved a boat load of hassle and money. It's one of those unnecessary things that no one really cares about - like favors and/or programs. Nice, but costs money and isn't needed.

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