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Barn Wedding

We are looking for location to have out door wedding and reception in the Barn. Location Southern Indiana / Floyd County or Clark County.

any suggestions are welcome! Wedding date Spring of 2015

Re: Barn Wedding

  • Try local boards better luck.

  • You'll have better luck on your local boards for specific venues.

    My suggestion: for the love of all that is holy, have more than one tiny box fan if it is warm. H and I attended a lovely barn wedding last weekend, but it was 91 degrees outside and there weren't enough windows for a cross breeze. Some people had to stand outside and watch through windows because the heat inside was too much. I'd guess it broke 105 in the barn, and we had 88% humidity that day.
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  • Thanks might get a barn for our wedding

  • Try the local boards, but in general, ask around locally; if you're in a rural area, you might be able to talk a nearby farm/ranch into hosting your party.
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