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I need advice for reception

Our wedding is planned for 6/21/14, and our ceremony/reception is at a wooded resort.  The reception hall, and 5 cabins are all mine for the weekend.  Now let me say, it is a small wedding and 95% family.  My question is this, I was thinking of having a 12:00 ceremony and a lunch reception to follow.  It will cut my food bill in half plus some.  The caterer I have chosen also does BBQ.  My fiancee and I are very outdoorsy, and are both very simple people.

I don't know if it is acceptable or frowned upon to have an early ceremony and lunch reception.  Because we have all of the property and my close family are mainly staying in the cabins, I was thinking about continuing the party with a big bonfire after the reception. 

I have so many thoughts running through my head, I don't know where to start. 

Re: I need advice for reception

  • I think that's perfectly fine. The main purpose of the reception is to thank your guests for attending your ceremony. As long as you are hosting something, I think it's fine. A lunch reception is absolutely acceptable!

    Btw...I'm doing BBQ for my reception, too. Loooove good BBQ! :)

    ~*~June 21, 2014~*~

  • I was amazed at how much cheaper it would be.  My future hubby just wants BBQ, and miller lite.  Other than that, he said he will just follow directions. 

    I am trying to save as much money as possible, and this will help a lot.  Cuts my per person from 32 to 13. 

    I was thinking of just doing veggie/cheese/fruit trays for appetizers because I am only doing my family of 5 photographs and should not be waiting too long until the lunch. 
  • Our BBQ caterer is also $13 per plate...for 3 entrees (We chose brisket, roast pork, and whole smoked turkey). That was the most inexpensive I could find. That includes 3 sides, rolls & butter, soda, tea, coffee, lemonade. All I have to provide is the alcohol.

    We can also bring in any extra food we want, so we're going to do veggie/cheese/fruit trays as well for before the ceremony as guests arrive and for during cocktails. 

    Oh, and we are able to bring out more food later in the evening for when the drinking starts to wind down.
    ~*~June 21, 2014~*~

  • That sounds totally awesome!!  I totally would have done the same if there was a BBQ place here. But that isn't something you find in Norway lol :)  Good luck :)
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  • That sounds perfectly fine!


  • I am actually very excited to do this.  The only thing I am not excited about it getting ready so early.  My fiance said I should just get out of bed and put on the wedding dress.  Oh to be a man and not have to worry about anything. 
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