New to the Board---Wedding Dresses for cheap/donated

Hi All,

I'm new here but not new to theknot.  I'm originally from Chicago but now live in Kenya. Will be preparing for my own wedding some time next year but in the meantime I'm trying to help a friend. I run an organization in Kenya in the slums putting at risk teenagers back into school.  My program director and his fiance who are from the slums are planning to get married so my man and I are trying to give them a "dream wedding".  we want to start out by surprising her with a wedding dress. Wedding dresses in Kenya are VERY expensive so here I am on the hunt during my short visit back home.  I'm trying to find a cheap wedding dress or one that can be donated.  I know she likes the poofy kind but I think anything under $150 will do. 

If you can provide any advice on where to look or know anyone that can help out it will be must appreciated. I've been living abroad for so long that I've forgotten my options.  
Soon enough I will back asking an array of questions for my own day! :) 

Re: New to the Board---Wedding Dresses for cheap/donated

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