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Has anyone heard of the 'Fast Diet'? I have been doing it for a couple months now (and still eating basically whatever I want, although I do eat pretty healthy for the most part...gotta indulge sometimes!) and it's been great!

A little bit about it: There's a book out called 'The Fast Diet' and basically it says that our bodies were made to fast (go for long periods without food), and that it's actually good for your body in the long run. You 'fast' for 2 days a week (eating 500 calories for each of the 2 days, splitting the calories up into 2 portions of 250 calories and eating them 12 hours apart) and then eat normally for the other 5 days that week. Then you repeat! It's best to have the 2 days spread out (I do Mondays and Thursdays). I have never been able to stick with a diet before, but this one I find easy because it's only 2 days a week :)

I have gotten a lot of backlash from coworkers about how this CAN'T be good for my body because we're told to eat lots of small meals a day. However, I feel great and do not feel weak or any adverse side effects on the days that I am fasting.

I am also working out about 3 times a week (I dislike working out with a passion but am trying to stay on track!) to keep fit.

Re: The Fast Diet

  • You're starving yourself those 2 days. Your body needs more calories than that to function. Eventually, you will crash and burn. I'd suggest tracking your calories on a app like My Fitness Pal and finding exercises you do enjoy.

  • I actually disagree with winelover on this one. 

    I don't believe in DIETING. So if this is something you can't keep up as a lifestyle, then prepare to gain everything back and then some. 

    But intermittent fasting is popular in many cultures and is just now making headway here in the United States. I know some body builders that swear by it. I couldn't do it. I'm too careless, but good on you if this is a lifestyle change 
  • I do think intermittent fasting can be beneficial, but I think it's important to find the right, natural approach for you. If this works for you, great -- but I know it wouldn't feel right/natural to me. Personally, I opt to do IF on a daily basis instead. I have bulletproof coffee in the morning as my breakfast, and then I only eat between noon and 7 p.m. This is my natural habit anyway -- it's aligned with when my body feels hungry and doesn't, so I like it for that reason. But I do believe everyone is different and if you've found something that works for you and feels healthy to you, stick with it; no one else has a right to judge you on how you choose to fuel your body. It's your own business.
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