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Going to look at flowers and then...

Probably throw up at the cost of them.  My FMIL and I will be having a girls afternoon and going to look at flowers.  I'm really excited to spend the afternoon with her, but I'm really nervous at what the cost will be.  I'm hoping that with only needing two full bouquets (one for me and one for my MOH who will be my only attendant) and no center pieces (I plan on doing those myself) it won't be too much.  I will need quite a few boutonnieres and corsages because of my FI and his BM (his only attendant) and then all the other important men and women that will be there.  I do have one question thought.  My older brother I know gets a boutonniere, but does my SIL get one as well?  I'm not quite clear on how that all works.  They are married, so its not like she is his gf or something.  Anyways, wish me luck ladies!!

Re: Going to look at flowers and then...

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    How did the flower search go?

    I ended up emailing a few florists and then telling them the price I wanted to stay under to see if it was feasible to do.
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