Blue and Purple Orchids

Hello. I am new to The Knot. I need help on finding fake blue/purple Orchids. If anyone knows a site that has flowers that looks like the ones posted below please let me know. I have been looking and i cant find many that are of this color/quality. Thanks! :)

* My colors are purple & malibu blue.

Re: Blue and Purple Orchids

  • I would send these photos to florists in your area and ask what they can do for you. 

  • You can find silk orchids in purple and in blue on Amazon.

    The ones in your picture are real, and the white portion of the purple orchid is dyed blue. This doesn't occur in nature.


  • These are beautiful colors for flowers. Great choice!
  • try Michaels Arts and Crafts, if you have one in your area
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    Meant to Quote itzMS >.<!!

    I wanted to do the exact same flowers and colors. 

    I decided not to because of what my florists in my area told me. 

    No orchid comes in this color. They are dyed to look like this. So you'd be paying for the orchid + the expense to dye them + (and this depends on where you are & the date of your wedding) shipping of the flowers if your florist does not have them on hand. (I'm in the upper NY area, wedding in Feb, orchids would of have to of been flown from HI directly).

    The dye tends to rub off or bleed. The 4 florists I contacted in my area all said that they DID NOT recommend going this route. They have seen brides and bridesmaids pull their beautiful bouquets away from their stomach/lap area in pics and there is blue/purple dye where the flowers touched their dresses. So a warning when considering this route. 
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  • I plan to use the blue orchids also.  Like you, I had the hardest time finding them.  I ended up buying them from: 

    I'm pretty happy with them.  Since they are dyed, they can be rather costly, when you can actually find them... these ones are $15/stem (which is by far the cheapest I found). The quality probably isn't as good as real touch flowers, but they aren't bad... I think they are definitely good enough for wedding bouquet. I bought 2 stems of the blue-violet and 2 stems of the royal blue-violet and that should be more than enough for all my bouquets, boutonnieres, and for decorating my cake. I think they colors shown on their website are pretty accurate. I am glad that I bought 2 different colors of them though because it adds to the look a bit to have some variation.  I think I'm going to mix mine with white roses for the bouquets. The one thing to remember is that the way orchids come (almost vine-like), you will probably need to glue them to some floral stems to put in a bouquet, so there is some added work to using this type of flower.


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