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This still makes me laugh...

Hubby and I went to his friend's wedding in February. When we walked into the church they had relatives on each side of the pews. One of the relatives spoke to us and the exchange went like this.

Relative on the side of pew: Hi. Who's side are you on?
Me: What do you mean? 
Relative by the side of the pew: Are you on the groom's side or bride's side?
Hubby: OMG? Are they fighting? I don't like to choose sides. 
Relative: No, I mean who are you here to support. 
Hubby: *looks perplexed*
Me: We are friends of the groom. 

They finally directed me to my seat. Once they left my hubby goes, "They made it sounds like we were at war."

Though it happened months ago, we both laugh hysterically just thinking about it. 

Just wanted to share. Hopefully, it brought a smile to someone's face today. 
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Re: This still makes me laugh...

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    HA! Maybe I will just not have "sides"..all the chairs will be in the middle and I will walk around them!!!!

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    Haha I like that.

    Our officiant had us switch sides from the normal way it's done - my mom and sister sat on the side where DH was and his parents sat on the side where I was. That way, they could see their child/sibling's face throughout the ceremony and not just their back. I thought it was a lovely idea.

    As for everyone else - we had a free for all (no sides - no ushers - no "who are you here to support").
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    Very Funny. I guess that explains why this sign is so popular on Pinterest...


    " Today two families become one. We ask that you please pick a seat, not a side".






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    Allispain I love that idea! I had never really thought of that but I do know that both of our parents would want to see our faces and not our backs during the wedding! I think I'm going to do the same too!


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