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October 2013 Weddings

Bridal Shower Outfit

Hey Everyone! I'm trying to figure out what to wear to my bridal shower. So I figured I'd check in with all of you who had a shower to see what you wore and where you got it :)
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Re: Bridal Shower Outfit

  • I wore a 3/4 sleeve Navy blue lace dress. My colors are Navy and Pink so it went with my theme and the color scheme for the shower. I really wanted to find a white dress but just didn't have any luck. I'm a bigger girl and there aren't a whole lot of choices out there. I think Kohl's and Dress Barn have a good selection at decent prices. Good luck with your search!
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  • For one I wore a short, 50's ish navy dress with white polka dots; it was fancier and the shower was at my uncle's restaurant in downtown Chicago, so I wanted to be a little dressy! It was from Nordstrom.

    To my other I wore a cap-sleeved seafoam/teal dress with gold polka dots (I guess they must be in this year?). That one I got at Francesca's. I like cute dresses so I was excited for both! I also plan to wear the navy dress to our rehearsal dinner.
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  • I wore a blue dress to my shower, my cowboy boots, a white cardigan (because it got a little chilly as the evening wore on) and my white cowboy/girl hat. It was a Santa Monica BBQ - and we were outside most of the time. I ended up wearing a red bandana as well. However... my shower was less of a shower and more of a "people get together to drink and eat and hang out" type thing. It was fun.
  • i wore a bright pink dress with a little ruffle at the neckline, got it at nordstrom rack for like $20!
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  • I wore a J Crew coral colored cotton lace/eyelet dress. I bought it a few years ago.
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  • @schellzinator ~ Thank you for posting this question!!!  I've been racking my brain for what to wear.  I'm a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl so dresses and skirts are non-existent in my closet.  LOL!

    Thanks ladies for the ideas!!
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  • I wore a Jessica Simpson dress that I found at Macy's. It was a cream color with bright purple and orange embroidery on the hem.
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  • I am wearing a black and white maxi dress. I wanted to feel dressed up but kind of casual too.


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  • I should think about what the hell I'm gonna wear.  Mine is next weekend, and I hadn't even stopped to consider what the flock I should wear to it!!

    Jeans and a raggedy TShirt won't work?  Drat!!

    Time to go shopping?

  • For one I wore a cute black, white, pink and gray dress (I have a pic of it in a post I did about my shower!) and for the one I had last weekend, I wore a pink and beige dress :)
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  • I wore a yellow and white striped tank top with a lacy back and shorts.

    I didn't know when my shower was going to be. I was in the middle of cleaning the house when I got an "emergency" phone call from my mom's BF about the cat. (She's mine, but I can't keep her cause FI's allergic.. and hates cats) He said I needed to come over right away and take a look at her. Good thing I suspected something was up.. or I would have showed up for my shower in a stained oversized t-shirt and cotton shorts.

  • I had a garden party theme so that I can wear a hat. I wore a cream dress with gold threading. 
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