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Mediterranean Villa

Has anyone been to a wedding or had their wedding there fairly recently? I looked at the reviews awhile back, and they seem to be hit or miss but I went back today and looked and there were quite a few very positive ones that were from this year. Any thoughts?

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    The only thing I remember hearing about it was that it's a bit of a "wedding factory," and that there are similar places that offer a better experience for the same/better prices.



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    MV is not well thought of here.  Like Amanda said, there are much better, more unique places for the same price with better food, more freedom, etc.  There is nothing special about it IMO, but I am not a fan of most venues that do weddings and nothing else.  However, even in the "wedding factory" category, there are better venues with more positive reviews than MV.
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    You can go check it out yourself. They are having an open house on the 18th 3-8pm. you have to RSVP though... 
    I'd do it for the free cake.
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