calla lily bouquet prices?

Before I start, let me state that I know calla lillies are expensive, especially when out of season. However, after soliciting three bids from florists all for essentially the same package of personal, ceremony, and reception florals, I decided on one I love and trust implicitly.

The problem? I want my bouquet and my three bridesmaids' bouquets to be solely calla lillies. I envisioned about 20 mini flame callas to make mine and 5 large white callas for each of the bridesmaids. The designer I want to go with quoted prices for these four pieces that were significantly more than the other two designers.

I don't really want to call her out on overpricing (the difference is way beyond slight price changes due to diffierent suppliers), but would like to know if any knotties had a similar bouquet(s) and how much they cost. The location of your wedding would be helpful too!

Re: calla lily bouquet prices?

  • Well flower prices differ from region to region.  Her prices may be higher because her cost of labor may be higher.

    If you don't like her prices then I suggest going with a different florist.  What I don't understand that after getting the three quotes and choosing the one you did that you are now complaining about her prices.  You knew what she was going to charge from the get-go so why did you go with her if you though her prices were too high?

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    @maggie0829 - I haven't chosen her yet. I want to go with her, but I am trying to get an idea of why she is so much more expensive than the other two quotes, given that all three designers have the same amount of experience and are in the same town. I have not put down a deposit yet.

    ETA: I really apologize. I noticed in my original post I put "I decided" which indicated I had put a deposit down. Should have said, "I am leaning towards her and want to give her my business, but..."
  • @drmrs2014 Her prices are higher because she probably has a higher mark up on flowers and a higher labor cost. If the other florists have comparable work and you like what they do I would go with the one that is more in your budget.

    Also, it is never a bad thing to ask her why her prices are so much higher compared to the other price quotes you received.  If she really wants the business, which in this economic time florists are probably screaming for work, she will be open to work with her.

    At least ask, the worst she can say is no and then you will just have to go with a different florist.

  • Welcome!  Hope it all works out for you.

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