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Hello fellow Knotties! I'm all kinds of torn on what to do for my girls' bouquets. My colors are white, gold, and red for my January wedding. My bouquet will be made of brooches, mostly in white with some red and gold mixed in.  The girls are wearing dresses in apple red (DB color). I got them white real touch roses to carry, and the boutineers will have each have a white rose and... something.  I had thought about mixing in some of those red wintery berries and adding a spray to each boutineer, and wrapping all the stems with gold ribbon. I'm considering adding some brooches to the bouquets, but I'm torn between going for red and gold ones or white and silver. Would the brooches be overkill for the girls if I planned on doing the berries? 
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Re: Opinions please!

  • For the brooches in the BMs bouquet, maybe you could just do one per BM and put it on the stem part so that it is more subtle.  Red and gold might be a good color choice for the brooches because it would tie their bouquets in with yours.
    As for the boutonnieres, I think a white rose and red berries tied in gold ribbon would look nice.  I am not sure what you mean by spray.  Is it glittery?  If so, I don't think that would be the best as it wouldn't look natural and might come across as too "girly".
  • That's a great idea! The berries come in sprays, usually a stem or two with berries on it, like this: 

    I wasn't planning on using glitter. As much as I love sparkle, it gets everywhere! :)
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