colors for winter wedding?

Hi ladies,

I posted on Detroit also because this board seems slower. Not as many brides I'm sure.
I am having a January wedding and I am having trouble coming up with a color scheme for a winter wedding. I was thinking gold for my bridesmaid dresses but my FH was thinking silver for his groomsmen. Can we combine the two. What are your thoughts?

Re: colors for winter wedding?

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    Personally, I don't love the whole two-tone thing.  I don't like it in jewelry either.  However, this IS one of the few places in your wedding where you can do what you please, because it's not offending anyone.  I'd rather you take gold or silver and pair it with a color. 
  • You can really use any color scheme you want, any time of the year, so don't feel you are limited to "winter colors"'.  What about a champagne and silver, rather than the two metallics?
  • I think deep jewel tones would pair really well with gold or silver: think sapphire, peridot, a ruby or cranberry red/pink, or a deep amethyst purple. Are there any other elements to your wedding that might suggest colors? The location? The style of your dress? You as a couple? Do you have a "theme" or vibe that you're going for? I'm sure whatever you choose will be great!

    Winter weddings are so beautiful!
  • I LOVE silver & gold together as the accent colors with a third bold color like a deep purple or deep red!  Keep looking at blogs and magazines for inspiration!  : ) Happy planning!
  • I am having a winter wedding as well!! Dec 20, 2014! I choose ice blues, silvers and whites!
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