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b-maids dresses

Hi Everyone!
I'm at the stage of looking for the perfect bridesmaid dress. I found a beautiful dress but don't know if it looks nice on all of my bridesmaids. Two of them are skinny, and 2 are a little bigger than the others. How did you find a bridesmaid dress that suites everyone's body? Do all of them have to agree on the dress or is it my choice? HELP!!!

Re: b-maids dresses

  • I think the best way to decide on a bridesmaid dress is to see it on them. If it isn't possible to have them all together to try on the dress then another way is really to just use the style guidelines for body shapes. Clearly a tight fitted dress might not look as flattering on all the girls compared to the basic A-line dress. You really won’t know how a dress looks on them until you see it. When it comes down to it you have the finally say in the dresses that they pick. I personally would give them a few options of your liking and allow them to choose this way everyone is happy with a final decision. 

  • My recommendation is let them choose their own dress. Choose a color, a length if you want, and let them choose a dress that looks good on them. They know their own bodies best.
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