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November 2013 Weddings

Feeling the stress. . . 50 days?!?

So, November 2nd brides are hitting 50 days tomorrow - seven weeks on Saturday.  Is anybody else starting to feel the strain?  Throughout this whole process, I have felt really on top of things and like it's been a relatively good process.  But the past week or so I've really started to feel stressed.  Little things - people adding a child to their RSVP (when in the grand scheme of things it isn't that big of a deal), trying to figure out how to walk in two sets of parents on both sides without offending anyone,my aunt backing out of doing a reading (which is understandable, cause she'll be 8.5 months pregnant by then!), one of my bridesmaids not making it to the bachelorette . . . I mean, none of these things are that big of a deal, but I feel like the closer we get to the wedding, the more little things are piling up.  

I'm trying really hard to focus on my FI and just be happy . . . of course, it probably doesn't help that I just stopped the pill and I'm sure that my hormones are all cray-cray . . . 

Just needed to vent.  Thanks for reading, ladies!  Hope nobody else is dealing with this kind of craziness.

Re: Feeling the stress. . . 50 days?!?

  • My dress hasn't arrived yet. Everything else that has come up seems minor and not worth stressing over compared to that.


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  • WonderRedWonderRed member
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    The only things left that I need to do are make place cards and seating chart, print the programs after we meet with our officiant in a couple of weeks and finalize the ceremony,  and fill the favor jars with candy.  That's it. I'm not feeling stressed right now, just excitement. Ask me when we're 10 days away and know the weather forecast though. That might throw a wrench into things.

    (Edited because it looked like I was drunk typing!) 
  • I'm doing well with stress, but  agree about the weather forecast. That's what I am most afraid to see :)
  • i feel you gurlie.. im not at fifty days but I am starting to feel the strain.. but hey ladies we are almost there.. :)

    Daisypath - (PNE7)
  • It is starting to get stressful. Nothing too bad but all the details have to come together at the end. The big thing is keeping in mind it will be a wonderful day for you and FI to enjoy!
  • Agree 100% on the weather! I'm trying to block my brain from thinking about that. I'm stuck waiting for RSVPs and then on to the seating chart and place cards. I also have one of my bridemaids skipping out on my bachelorette party- a little frustracting, but not trying to stress on the little things. Also trying to work on my day of timeline and how I want things to flow. I just keep reminding myself it is a guideline and the day most likely will not go as I plan. Can't wait for the honeymoon.
  • peppy22vballpeppy22vball member
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    I have been feeling stressed more about my work schedule then wedding planning but its just creeps into wedding stress and I'm almost feeling overwhelmed. The only big thing i got really stressed over was my grandma telling me that the straps she was making wasn't going to work. I mentally freaked out because I paid for the material and didn't want to put more cost onto my BMs. Luckily I found a bolero/shawl and it will be part of the BM gift. And I need to get a move on with my paper flowers since we are getting close. I just try to take some me time and time with my fiancé and it keeps me sane.
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  • edited September 2013

    Absolutely feeling the stress (November 10th)!  We've been engaged for almost 2 years so I've tried to check off what I could do early. I used to feel like I had a lot under my belt but seems like the to-do list just never gets any smaller. Planning has been a LOT more work than I thought it would be. I'm looking forward to the day but I think I am looking forward to the honeymoon and being done with the wedding even more!

    Still have to:

    • Finalize ceremony
    • Finalize song list with DJ
    • Receive response cards/create seating chart/print escort cards
    • DIY bouquet
    • DIY card box
    • DIY photo booth props
    • Dress fitting(s)
    • Create timeline
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  • Our high temp today was about  6 degrees below the November 2 average here.  Made me take a deep breath and realize that, odds are, we'll be able to do the outdoor ceremony becuase it was perfectly comfortable in a long sleeve shirt and light jacket.  Still stressful to have to keep the plan B details working in the back of my mind though.  I feel like I'm planning two ceremonies.
  • I'm not at fifty days yet but just thinking about how busy October is going to be stresses me out. Time is flying by now that it's getting within a couple months of the big day. The honeymoon will be very well deserved afterwards. We still have a few things left to do this month before we get into our October checklist:
    1. I'm buying my gifts for the bridal party this week since I don't want to wait last minute for those.
    2. My bachelorette is going to be out of town so my MOH and I are just finalizing travel details for that.
    3. We are finally ordering our favors next week.
    4. We are paying off our Transportation vendor as well, we paid off our musician and the hair/makeup vendor last week.
    5. I'm finishing up our thank you notes this week for our showers that we had...I actually need to get more thank you notes for that as well.

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