Average Alteration Cost?

I bought my wedding dress and am curious as to the average alteration cost. I know it is all different but any insight would be helpful. The shop I bought my dress from gave me a flat fee of $400 and it just seems a bit much. My best friend bought a dress this year and her flat fee is only $250. Both stores are in southern CT.

I do not think I will need a lot of alterations in the size department. The shop I bought the dress from ordered me a 4 (I could have been a 2 but it only left half an inch for alterations, a 4 left an inch and a half). I am pretty standard height, weight and size for the dress so it's not like I am taking it in 3 sizes or anything. 

It is lace but nothing too, too fragile or different. I will also be adding a traditional bustle and possibly having them sew in the bustier.

Any price help and/or recommendations here would help! Thanks.
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