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Need some help! Since we are getting married about 2 hours from home we need some help with the shuttles. We are inviting about 280 people to our wedding and need transportation from the hotel to the reception and back at the end of the night. We are predicting we will need transportation for about 100-150 people but won't know until we get closer and see how many rooms are booked. Every coach bus seems to need a minimum number of hours and we would have to rent it for 7 hours since our reception is 6 hours. The hotel is about 20 minutes from the reception so dropping off and going back for another trip is out of the question since we can't have people at the reception an hour before it starts. Any suggestions? The hotel is in Atlantic City and reception about 20 minutes away. The shuttles have quoted us about $1200 and we would need 3 so its out of our budget.

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    I've been to a few weddings where the shuttles were school buses, which are less expensive than coach buses.  Ask around on the South Jersey board; someone there may be able to point you to some other transportation options.
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    I just booked school buses through First Charter.  They are only charging us for and hour before the reception and 2 hours after.  We only need one bus, but it will be about $450 after tip.

    My fiancee also said the sales director he spoke to was extremely nice and accommodating.  They do corporate events and weddings all the time.

    No one minds riding a school bus instead of a coach bus.  We've done it at 2 other weddings and both turned into sing alongs because everyone feels like they're in high school again.
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