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October 2013 Weddings

PSA: Check your rings!

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Was sitting at my desk today and tapped my center stone. (My ring is a solitaire with a high set stone). And it made this tinkling noise and jiggled around. Showed my coworker, and he said he was able to "spin" the stone. Nooooooo.

With a month to go, check your stones (especially if you have pave diamonds or other inset stones) and get a tune up!  FI and I are planning on going tomorrow!

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Re: PSA: Check your rings!

  • SewInLoveWithDMB EEEK! Good thing you noticed before something worse came of it. I have a past, present, future ring with three stones and one of them seemed a little off center? Maybe it is worth looking into. Don't even want to imagine what could happen...


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  • That is the really nice thing about my ring... it has been going strong for 29 years and the stone has never been loose.  Just for giggles though, I will have the jeweler make sure its in there really good when they solder my bands to it in a couple of weeks.  Good thing you found that now!
  • Just got back from the jewelers - prongs were straightened back and ring is cleaned. (He said it wasn't going to go anywhere anyway since it has 6 prongs, but was glad that I was paying attention and now it's better. He commented that 3 prongs would need to be completely open for it to be able to fall out.)
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  • I had a diamond fall out back in March, that sucked, never found it. Luckily it was replaced with no problems. I have to bring mine in tonight so they can send it in for replating. I'm left handed so the band turns yellow more often than other people's since I use that hand more.


  • @stina51286 I have to get mine redipped too, I was actually pretty disappointed that it happened so fast- I haven't even had my ring for a year. But whatever, it comes with the warranty so doesn't cost me anything.
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  • I have to have my ring checked every six months to stay under the warranty, so mine will continue to be checked regularly.  I'll get all three rings (both wedding bands and my engagement ring) checked and cleaned right before the wedding.
  • @hardlyhannah - this will be the 4th time in 2 years. The last time was in March, but they said with me being left handed it happens a lot more.


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