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hi everyone..

I was just looking for your advice/opinion on the centerpieces that my FI and I have come up with.  I saw a beautiful picture in a magazine and got so inspired to do something similar.  The baker that we chose offers different size sheet cakes that she covers with a simple buttercream frosting.  The 8-inch round sheet cake comes as two tiers and serves 10-12 people.  What we want is to put one of those sheet cakes on each table (seats 8) as the centerpiece with flowers wrapping around the cake and the table number coming out of the top. I just want to know what your opinion of it is? Would you like that if you went to a reception like that?

I plan on supplying each table with a cake cutter and server.  Also, FI and I are doing a sweetheart table where we'll include our own two tiered cake done with more decorations and our own topper.


Re: centerpieces

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    Would I like it if I went into a reception like that- honestly, it's not my sort of thing and might look like you were trying to cheap out on buying center pieces.  What time were you going to serve the cake?  Because after that, the center piece is no more.  
    You said you plan on supplying each table with a cake cutter and server, do you mean just giving them the utensils to cut the cake and the guests are supposed to cut it?  If so, that is a bad idea in my opinion.  
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    I like it but the cake might be dried out by the end of the night.

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    I thought for years that this is what I wanted to do.  In the end I decided against it because purchasing cake stands/domes would have cost more than the other centerpieces I considered.  If budget is not an issue, I think it's a very cool idea.  However, it would really be best if a membering of the waitstaff came around to each table to cut the cakes.
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    the thought of doing this same thing crossed my mind. but as someone else said ppl breathing and talking over a cake all night that I'm supposed to eat, no bueno even though ppl go look at the wedding cake and take pictures I feel its a little different less germs lol
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