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July 5th need help with times!!!!

Hello ladies!! My fiancée and I are getting married the 5th of July!  I have some questions we will be getting married about 80 miles from the reception site at a little church in the mountains that can fit about 60 people.  So not everyone will be invited to the ceremony.  I was think about having the ceremony at 1:30 pm getting pictures taken after that then having the reception at 5:30/6:00.  Is it ok to put were we register on the invitation for the people that are just invited to the reception?

Re: July 5th need help with times!!!!

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    No, it's not proper to list registry info on the invite. Don't worry, people we find it or ask :-) GL!
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  • Please don't have a tiered wedding. If you really want to celebrate with more than 60 people, you need to find a ceremony site that will accommodate a larger group. Otherwise just stick with the 60 for the reception.

    Also, please don't have a 4 hour gap! Put yourself in the shoes of your guests... what would you do for those 4 hours? I've been a guest to a wedding similar to what you're describing (~1h drive, several hours in between) and it was really annoying. It was the only thing anyone talked about. Nobody remembers the favors or the decorations or the dress but we all remember waiting around for 4 hours with nothing to do. I imagine that's not how you'd want your wedding to be remembered
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  • It's been some time since the last posting, so I was curious as to what your latest decision has been Alicia??  

    As stated by photokitty, it is not considered proper to include registry info on the invitations although I have seen it done plenty of times in recent years - mostly on an enclosure card of some sort (w/ map & directions, hotel info, etc).

    and while tiered weddings are a pain to guests, you have to do what works best for your venues.  Perhaps you could plan a little activity for the interim for those guests that will be traveling from ceremony to reception...

  • We have decided to get married at the same location but outside. And also move the reception closer. It was to stressful for me to figure everything out! Thank you ladies!

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