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I definitely wanna take my new husband's last name as mine but I also wanna keep my maiden name...I have toyed with the idea of two last names (Maiden name His name) so that I can continue to be referred to as my maiden name with my students...OR adding my maiden name to my middle name...OR dropping my middle name and making my maiden name my new middle name! AHHH decisions decisions!! When we have kids I would like us all to have the same family name...
What are your thoughts? Anyone keep both names and NOT hyphenate?

Re: Name Change...

  • I kept both and technically didnt hyphen. I say technically because the SS office told us their system physically wouldn't let us hyphen, which was what we wanted. But when we went to the DMV, the DMV said their computer system required a hyphen. So now I use both. Bank accounts, based upon my license, are hyphened. My work tax forms are not hyphened. I socially use both names non-hyphenated, although for over-the-phone appointments with car shops or vets I'll sometimes just use my maiden name (since it's easier to spell). 

    My mother added her middle name to her first, and put her maiden as her middle. You can really do whatever you like!
  • My maiden name became my middle name and I dropped my middle name.  I am a teacher also and answered to either name.  I didn't even bother changing my name on my teaching certificate though.  I figured I can do that when I renew (after I finish TEAM of course)
  • I'm also a teacher and I took my husband's name and dropped my maiden name. Some of my students call me by my maiden name still which is fine. 
  • I went to the SS office in Waterbury and my last name is now hyphened. Also on my drives license its hyphened. I also wanted to keep it for professional purposes and it all worked out!
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