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Hi All-

I wanted to review all my vendors.  I should mentioned I planned mainly from Boston so good vendors who were good at contact were important.  I would really only work with vendors who were 1) replying to emails or calls and 2) really seemed easy to work with.

Photographer- Heather, http://www.irememberforever.com/, She was amazing.....so fun and really good at getting people to relax.  My marketing team at where I work asked to see the few pics we have so far......they were impressed....that means a ton!!!  But seriously, Heather is just wonderful.  Just talk to her and you will understand in a minute!!! Or check out her pictures.  I should note- I asked all of my photographers how they would shoot a key moment and engage with guests.  She gets a lot of natural not posed shots and would never shove someone out of the way for a picture :) Both were important to me.  

Day of coordinator & Decor: Lynn from WED.- I can't say enough amazing things about Lynn!! She's amazing and really wonderful.   She did such a great job on decor.  She also asked me lots of questions as I planned, which kept me in order.  She helped tell me which vendors to avoid and which were great and found my amazing florist.   She kept me sane as everything approached!!!  One review I read prior said husbands told people to hire Lynn.....I am pretty sure mine would highly say that! There was even a fruit fly outbreak and it wasn't as bad on site as we thought, but Lynn helped manage it and adjust decor.  My Mom was amazed at Lynn and just how awesome she was!!!

Hair/ Makeup: Linda did my hair and one of her colleagues did my makeup and a mani/pedi a few days prior.  http://www.shearspirit.com/  She was amazing!!! They use Jane Iredale makeup, which is 1 reason I chose them. They're also super honest and adapted to my style, using my natural curl in the actual hair do.  The day of, they had food and great snacks for us.  They opened just for me on a Sunday and some other styling for the wedding.  Linda made it all work great!!  If I lived in Michigan, I would go there!

Florist:  Bonnie, Stardust flowers.   My mom is allergic to carnations.  I knew what I wanted but I kind of told people the idea and let them form the bouquet.  Bonnie went so far as to send me 10 pics and have me rank.  Some vendors came back with carnations in the draft (which I took as not paying attention to my request) or put no thought into it, when I was selecting a florist, which made it tough.  Bonnie was wonderful.  The bouquet was super heavy.  She was awesome to work with!! and very honest and great.

Venue: Country Mill- it was wonderful.  We did a wagon ride for our guests and pies from there and donuts.  Great donuts...beautiful orchard!  Lynn really transformed the barn into a space that felt intimate for our huge wedding.  My pictures in the orchard look unreal.....like people think we made them up. I wanted my wedding during orchard season for the food from the orchard...I suggest it!!   They book up fast so book early.

Food: Adeline Leigh catering- I provided the dessert.  They did the fresher kind of menu food I wanted and grilled onsite.  Watch as they wanted to leave before end of event. but we worked that out. I provided my own alcohol without a bartender.   One note- the steamed veggies, which I was super excited about didn't work too well..they were limp and overdone. It was hot though. The rest of the food was good.  Everyone loved the libations bar- just a flavored water bar.  They were good on details ahead of time, which they wrote out, but day of, they forgot to put out wine glasses, so my guests all used their favors, which I did not intend, as I paid for wine glasses.  We arrived back early from the wagon ride though, so we may have put them on their toes a little or caused that.  One guest had a food requirement and they did a good job of managing it.

Favors:- We did wine glasses from country mill and caramels from a Boston based caramel maker.  http://www.mccreascandies.com/

Dress: altered in Boston at a great place, but probably not super helpful to Lansing Brides :)

If you have any questions about anyone, just email me :)


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