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Can't choose a location

We're starting research on our Honeymoon... one week from July 28-August 4, 2014. 
I've extensively cruised the Caribbean/central America and tend to get antsy sitting still. Fiance wants a single location with a beach. So I'm trying to find somewhere that meets his requirements but still has a lot of options- we love the water (tubing and waterfall climbing are two of my top ranked excursions) and are both certified divers and couldn't imagine not going at least once on the trip. 
Of note- we're not big drinkers so an AI isn't a big deal. Our budget is around $5000 and we do live near several major airports. 

Any suggestions?

Re: Can't choose a location

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    dalm0mdalm0m member
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    San Juan, Jamaica, Hawaii, Cancun.


    Would you consider a cruise?

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    Costa Rica - you could stay at one hotel but do active excursions from there (I've done everything from canoeing to hiking waterfalls to zip-lining). While some of these excursions are more inland, others can easily be found along the coasts - especially in the northwestern part of the country, where there are lots of great hotels on and along the beaches.
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    dalm0m- Fiance has vetoed the idea of a cruise (he wants a single location). As we only have 1 week in live in Ohio, Hawaii is a bit of a stretch. I'll look into Jamaica & Puerto Rico though.

    Thanks allispain for the Costa Rica suggestion- we'll look into it!
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     Second vote for Costa Rica! There's soo much you can do excursion wise, the county's beautiful, & there are tons of wild animals to see! We went there for our honeymoon, and it was completely amazing! We're also avid travellers, & this will definitely be a place we return to! :)

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    Same as you, we wanted warm weather and a beach, but didn't want to sit still all week, so we chose Costa Rica. Wedding is in Feb 2014 so haven't gone yet but hear nothing but positive reviews.

    I hear Belize is wonderful too.
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