Favors Fell Through- Looking for an Alternative

Well, thought we had it all set- I was doing candy apples for my Oct. 5th wedding. They fell through- the place we were going to order from had gone back on their prices and what they originally told us (in writing!) and now we can't do them anymore. We have looked at other places for candy apples near us and no one is willing to make as many as we need, can't make them that week, or they are out of our price range. We definitely don't have the time to make them, so I'm out of luck there.

I wanted something that as a guest I would enjoy getting, like something edible or that I could use (not something that would gather dust in a drawer). I also need to keep in mind my time, but I think I have enough time if I order from somewhere this week for the favors to come in time.

I was trying to do a fall theme with the apples, but now I'm stuck. Does anyone have any ideas to throw my way? I'm looking around but I feel like I was stuck on the apples for so long I can't think of anything else that falls into the categories I was looking for. Thank you in advance!!
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Re: Favors Fell Through- Looking for an Alternative

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