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I'm from the Pittsburgh area and have never lived too far out of town.  FI and I are planning a July 5th wedding but recently found out that his job was transferring him to Columbus OH.  We live together now so I'll be moving with him soon.  To other brides who have planned from out of town, how hard is this?  I already have my venue (with caterer and alcohol), cake, music, and flowers booked so I am hoping it will just be minor details.  It's not too far to move but still has me a bit stressed. 

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    Since you have all of the big stuff it will be easier. My wedding is in little over a month now, and I basically have 3 days straight of final meetings occurring in person next weekend. Every weekend I came home I had about 1 wedding meeting with a vendor. (every 2 months or so)
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    I'm planning out of town as well, but I did come in town a lot this past summer due to vacation and weddings. It sounds like you have the big stuff done which so do I so it really shouldn't be hard at all to plan! My wedding is June 28th which means I'm the weekend before you. So cool! The big stuff is the most important. It looks like you still need photographer and DJ/band but that isn't too hard from far away. I actually booked mine before meeting with them and have yet to meet with the company, but my photographer is a acquaintance of mine and I get to see her work on Facebook all the time. My suggestion is when you know you're going to come into town, look around on websites for photographers in your area of the wedding. Then you can set up meetings with them. Because it is the summer date, I would work on booking the DJ/band and photographers soon.

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    OP---don't stress. I'm out of town too (Philly) but you have all the bigger stuff done.   Planning from afar was a biotch for me (schedule/job/distance) but in the end, you figure it out.  C-bus is a super easy drive to Pgh too (I used to live there myself).   I've had 3-4 appointments usually on trips home.  For other stuff, we've used Facetime/Google chat for things like photog and DJ (prior to booking them).  Most vendors totally understand this too.  Good luck and enjoy C-bus!  
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    I also planned my wedding out of town! I was living in New Jersey and was planning my Pittsburgh Wedding! We selected a reception venue where they had a planner who would do everything for you which was fabulous! We got married at the Pittsburgh Airport Marriott and they were great there! I would also recommend a day of planner for you if you're nervous being so far away.  I'm also a wedding planner like Melmarie and if you're interested I could help you out! I become a planner after my wedding because I fell in love with being organized and planning the big day! 

    You can definitely plan from out of town but plan your meetings when you're back in town for events but the week before you'd want to make sure you're in town!  Let me know if I can help in anyway!

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