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   Soooo until I found THE dress last week, I just knew I wanted to carry a brooch bouquet. My dress had other plans she is just begging for flowers. I want to carry peonies, and have my BMs carry carnations...before you make a face check this out ( ) I'm seriously considering having each girl carry a different shade of purple. The fact that carnations are inexpensive is a plus, but the are absolutely lovely. 

I would even use them for centerpieces. 

So my question is this, do you think is a no-no to use carnations at a wedding, I'm going for formal feel. I want to say I don't care if people think I'm being cheap...but there's a part of me that cares a tiny bit. What do you guys think? 

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  • Carnations are not my favorite flower but if you love them, go for it.   Flowers don't have "formality" but they do have price tags.  But anyone who cares about that has bigger problems than your wedding.  So just buy what you like and what you can afford.  I did like the purple ombre carnations, btw.
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  • Thanks Jane,

        I just had to ask b/c my older sister looked at me like I was nuts when I told her I wanted to use carnations. I just don't see the point in spending an arm, a leg, and a baby for something that could potentially die in a few hours. I think i'm gonna go for carnations...and if I'm feeling brave maybe I'll do them myself...

  • I am not a fan of carnations usually but when they are clumped together like in the pictures you have shown you really can't tell that they are carnations and can look very beautiful.

    As for your peonies, when is your wedding?  Just know that if you wedding is not in late April or sometime in May it may be difficult to get peonies.  And if you do get them they will be very expensive and not nearly as pretty as they would be if they were in season.

  • I think those look really pretty. If you like carnations and that's what you want, go for it! If someone is concerned that your wedding centerpieces look cheap it's their problem. 

  • The pictures you posted look nice.  If you like carnations and want to use them then go for it.
  • I love carnations. Roses are so over done.

  • I also love carnations and I am also using them in my wedding.
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    I'm actually using carnations in my whole wedding. I'll be having the regular carnations with some of the purple tipped carnations.
    This is what I want mine similar to.

    My girls will be having the mini moon carnations in all the different shades mixed into one bouquet. The guys will have the darker purple as their boutonnieres.

    The girls will be more like this.

    even plain white carnations are beautiful! :

    ETA: Although carnations are cheap, ours is still a total of $850. That's for me, 4 BM, FI, 4 GM, 2 fathers, 2 grandfathers, 3 grandmothers, a toss bouquet(it's free though), long low centerpiece for head table, and 2 church flowers.

    I was going to do BOM orchids and that total would of been 1,300... just to put into perspective. So if you're doing it for price... it might not necessarily be a lot cheaper.
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  • Love the pictures! Go for it.
  • I am also using carnations I love them. I went through the local florist for the guys and parents roses and Sam's club for the center pieces and the bouquets and it was $178 total for 7guys, 4girls, 3 parents roses and we are doing 5 tables and then head table.
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  • I think if you plan on sticking with the pictures you posted. It will be beautiful! I love the carnation idea. I haven't arrange my flowers yet but I am definitely considering carnations myself. I really like the different shade of purple idea. It will be beautiful!

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  • I'm not normally a fan of carnations but the photo you posted is beautiful. I say go for it!!!

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