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Hi Ladies! 
I just wanted to come introduce myself. My name is Amanda and I live in Idaho. I'm getting married on Valentine's day this coming year. I got "officially" engaged a couple weeks ago on my birthday. It was the most amazing birthday ever. I feel so fortunate that God has blessed me with the amazing man he has put into my life. I have a lot to get done in the next 5 months! We had been talking about getting married essentially since our second date, which was when we became a couple last Valentine's day. Before I had met FI, I use to think people who said "when you know, you know' were crazy. I now get what they are talking about. Anyway, I'm looking forward to getting to know you guys better. Anything you want to know about me, I'll be happy to share. :)

Re: Hello!

  • Welcome to the board! I'm getting married on February 15th in a very small wedding.
    My fiance knew he wanted to marry me when he asked me to be his girlfriend. And I knew I wanted to marry him by the end of our first date a week later.

    What size wedding are you having? We're keeping ours very small--family only and then my parents are throwing us a party exactly a month later. We'll be inviting about 150 people to that.

    Best of luck with your wedding planning! My advice would be find a venue if you haven't already and work on that guest list.

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  • Welcome to the board!  We were engaged on Valentine's Day 2010!  :)  Feel free to ask anything...we're a pretty open board.  Happy Planning!
  • Welcome and congratulations :) I'm getting married November of this year. And looking forward to getting to know you as well


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  • We have booked our church and the place for our reception. So if all else fails, we will at least have somewhere to get married, lol. We are planning on no more than 100 guests. I'm imagining that in reality maybe 50-75 will show up. I'm not sure how dedicated his millions of cousins are though. Our reception venue has a package that includes decor, tables, silverware, etc and food for up to 100 guests. I'd really like to not have to go over that.
    I almost have the guest list figured out. I'm going back and forth on a few people at work and with my book club. I think he keeps thinking of people we need to invite every day. It kind of stresses me out, but I tend to jump the gun and imagine the worst case scenario. Even if we have more than 100 people, it's not going to be the end of the world. We'll still be just as married and we may even have more fun. I've been making my save the dates. At the moment, I think I have enough made, but that may change. I'm going to be addressing envelopes tomorrow morning with FMIL while we go out for coffee. I'm so lucky he has a great family and we get along really well so far. His mom is just a sweetheart. 
    I'm from Iowa and my grandma won't be able to be at our wedding due to her health, her stress over traveling and complete resistance to flights. My grandma and I have always been really close, so we are going to have a little reception in Iowa for her sometime in April. We are planning on having the whole ceremony and stuff recorded so we can watch it with her and any one else from back home who can't make it to Idaho. We still have to book that, but we have maybe a little more time. 
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    We live-streamed our wedding ceremony (some of the ladies on this board were able to watch it, too!)  Let me see if I can find the site we used and the ones we looked in to.
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    All have different cost and equipment requirements.  This is the one we used:

    These are others that I found on Google...they didn't exist when we got married 2 years ago:

    I think we paid ~$120 to stream ours.  Between out-of-town friends and family who weren't able to travel, people at the church DH was youth pastoring at in Kansas (we got married in Virginia), and these wonderful ladies, we had about 60 people log in to watch the wedding.  So I think it was worth it.

    And now that I'm looking at the sites, prices have gone up a bit.  Boooooooo.
  • Live-streaming a wedding sounds cool.

    I like the idea of you having a small reception to celebrate with your grandmother.
    Best of luck as you continue your planning.

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  • We have heard of the live streaming. That would be cool for some of our out of town family, but it would require my grandma to have an internet connection and access to a computer (and knowing how to use either). The VCR still baffles her, lol. 
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