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October 2013 Weddings

Aisle Decor!

What are you ladies doing for aisle decor?  We are getting married in a theatre and for the life of me can not figure out what i wanna do for aisle decor. I like the idea of swagging tulle along from one chair to the next but I can't remember if there is more then one way into the seats. 
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Re: Aisle Decor!

  • My florist is making pew bows out of tulle and ribbon and will be putting them on the ends of the pew rows. They are $8 a bow, and she will set them up for me before the ceremony.
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  • we have an outside ceremony so we are using shepards hooks with mason jars filled with gerber daisies. and then at the end of the aisle we have tin buckets fill with babys breath. simply and elegant!
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  • We're not doing anything for decor on the aisle, since it's an outside venue and we only have a limited amount of time for set up and tear down, and, honestly, the venue itself is SO beautiful that FI was like "Why?  Can't we just enjoy the natural beauty?"

    Works for me!  :)
  • Nothing here - we were going to have bunches of hydrangeas on the chairs but that got cut with the budget. Now we just have two alter pieces
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  • The venue we are getting married in is beautiful so no aisle decor for us. 
  • I think just some hydrangeas.  The church is so beautiful that it really doesn't need anything!
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  • we are having candles.  My ceremony is outside at night and I am so afraid people won't be able to see.  I have hanging paper lanterns from the tent as well.
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  • I'm tying a long piece of ribbon in a knot around every other isle chair and putting some baby's breath in the knot.  I might put some flower petals along the edges of the isle but IDK yet. Found the ribbon idea on pinterest. 
  • Well it came to me yesterday when i playing around in my craft room with wedding stuff. our original centerpiece idea we ordered all our stuff to do this centerpiece with sticks but then my fiance landed a really good job in our area and he works over 60hrs a week and i got a full time job we ended up with no actual time to go collect the sticks, long story short after purchasing what we need we changed the centerpieces. While i was playing with the old stuff i figured out i can just use some of what we already bought (fake roses) and tie a bow and place them on the chairs :)
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