Winter Wedding Flowers

We are having a March wedding, and, as I live in Michigan, flowers get pretty pricey quickly.  My mom found this idea for using old books to make flowers and coloring them with a watercolor wash.  I'd leave some white, and then our colors are silver, almost-navy blue, and orange, so we'd do a few in blue and orange with maybe silver ribbon or something to tie them all together. (we've got plenty of old books, so that's not an issue). 

I really like the idea, but am also thinking about fake/silk/whatever the PC term is flowers.  They've gotten so much more realistic since I was a kid!  I'm wondering if  I should just go with that. 


Re: Winter Wedding Flowers

  • If you are deciding between those two, I would do the fake flowers. The first idea sounds beautiful, but it seems like a lot of extra work. You'd have to make A LOT for the arrangements to look full...
    And you're absolutely correct that the fake flowers look so real! Half the time I really cannot tell the difference!!! I would love to hear what you decide. and if you do the DIY, pictures please!! ;)
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