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Sort of a crazy ceremony idea

I posted this also on the Ceremony and Vows board, but I figured I'd post it here too. My FI and I are big into rock climbing. We'd thought it'd be an awesome idea to have our ceremony while hanging off the side of a cliff. We talked with our climbing guides, our officiant (who is a close personal friend) and our parents and all are on board. We're not expecting any of our guests to climb, because that would be insane. We're planning on having an area set up on the ground for people to watch and are kicking around the idea of having it recorded and played back during the reception. I've done some research online and it seems that a few people have done something similar. So, my question is has anyone ever been to a wedding like this? Any tips or advice? This is my second wedding (I was married ten years ago) and I'm really looking forward to doing something completely different that really reflects who my FI and I are. 

Re: Sort of a crazy ceremony idea

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    Crazy fun idea!!!!!  If I were your guest, I'd be thrilled.  Any way you two and the officiant could have some wireless mics and the guests would be able to hear during the ceremony?
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    I would LOVE that.   So much more interesting than the same old thing. 

    ETA:  Last year DS and I went caving in South Dakota and there is an underground wedding chapel for spelunking nuts in one of the caves we explored.  The opposite of the the direction that you want to go but similar.
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