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Favorite workout clothes?

Does anyone have any favorite workout clothes?? I LOVE my Nike Pro Capris, but I still have a tough time with shorts and tops. 

I just ordered a cute top and capris from Ellie. Hoping they will be here this week!! :)

Here's a pic of what I ordered (ignore the font on's just the only pic I had) image
I also am trying some stuff from Onzie. Have ya'll tried either?? I am really hoping Ellie works out because they will ship you a new outfit every month, and clothes are always a good motivator for me. :) The hardest thing I think to find is a good sports bra though!! What about ya'll? Any favs? The one I love right now is by Moving Comfort.

Re: Favorite workout clothes?

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    I honestly love Target's workout clothes.. I love them because they're fairly nice quality for WAY inexpensive prices, which means I can get more :)

    I haven't tried any top-tier brands like Lululemon or anything like that just because I can't bring myself to pay 80 bucks for a top or a pair of pants just to sweat in. I do have a pair of capris I got from Marika which I really like. 

    That outfit is super cute though. I love the back on the top.
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    I buy a lot of stuff from the Nike outlet. I have one pair of pants from Lucy that I love and have had for years! They are so comfy! 

    I refuse to buy's because I interviewed with them for part time job while I was in college. They called me and said I was hired and then they backed out. I was mad because I quit my other job after I got the offer and accepted. But that's a personal problem LOL
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    I second Nike, if you have a Nike factory store near you they have all discounted items - nothing I've bought has been defective. My favorite is Under Armour - they make good fitted tops, nothing is more irritating than doing any type of inversion exercises and having your shirt attempt to go above your head and interfere with your breathing.

    Lastly, I stay away from Athleta, never kept one thing I bought, they feel cheap and thin, and most of their designs are ugly imo.
    -anjo (aka the future mrs miley :)

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    I wear a lot of Old Navy's workout stuff, also Winners is hit or miss with good stuff. I want to get a pair of Lululemon's but I just can't justify the money. Under Armour has nice stuff too but expensive :P
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    I am a big fan of Brooks running shoes. I'd been a New Balance girl for years until I saw that all my friends who were faster than me were wearing positive peer pressure, I guess! Since then, I've had great times with every pair I've bought and they've been supportive for long distances and trails while also being super-lightweight. As for clothes-clothes, I always check out TJ Maxx for discounted tops and sports-bras. My favorite T-shirts are the ones I get for "free" (well, plus the registration fee) for races. They remind me of what I've accomplished and what I can do. In fact, I'll probably never need to buy another running T-shirt again for the next couple of decades, lol!
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    @Queenofhearts1728 I loovvvee my Marika  bra! :) I only have one so I forget about it. I don't know if it's a pricey brand or not. I found it at TJ Maxx and bought it on a whim lol! :)

    That's terrible @mrspizanotobe!! i haven't ever tried  Lululemon. I know my Ellie outfit was pricey, but TWO pieces was about the cost of one there! :( 

    @Missangelinamiley good to know about Athleta!! I haven't bought any activewear from there, but I have a bathing suit. It's a good one, but I also don't workout in it lol.

    As for shoes, I'm a huge (flat-footed) Nike snob. lol! I don't recommend the Free Runs though -- I bought into the marketing, and they are just bad shoes unless you are wearing them for looks.

    @Aray82 I looove me some free t-shirts! :) They are my lounging/sleeping clothes. I have a free H&M one on right now, but my favorite is a random blue one from a blogging conference 2 years ago! lol!

    I'll let ya'll know how the Ellie stuff fits too :) Hoping it's worth it! :)

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    For running shoes I always go with Saucony. After the first pair, I have felt like any other pair of running shoes was lacking. 
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    I wear Lululemon exclusively. 

    I have tried a lot of Under Armour, Lucy, Nike, Reebok, Champion, Ellie, Athletica, etc and have always been disappointed. The only active activity that I might wear other brands for are backpacking. I own some North Face, Kuhl, Marmot, and Columbia. All awesome brands for active outdoor wear, but even so.. I haven't purchased any of those brands since turning into a Lulu-lover. 

    As a fitness instructor, it's the only brand that I feel I can truly trust. Additionally, I wear through clothing easily, and they have 5 year guarantees on everything. When I have had to return items after two years, they are always to happy and willing. Plus, I'm from the PNW so it's a "local" thing for me. 

    The Lululemon All Sport bra and Tata Tamer are my absolute go-to bras. I also don't think they are considered pricey for bras. Most quality bras run around 50 bucks. 

    As far as shoes go, I have still been in search for the best shoes ever. I also don't care to give suggestions on this because shoes are soooo specific for individuals based on use, gate, foot shape, weight preferences, etc. 
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    @Queenofhearts1728 I loovvvee my Marika  bra! :) I only have one so I forget about it. I don't know if it's a pricey brand or not. I found it at TJ Maxx and bought it on a whim lol! :)

    Couldn't get out of the box! I don't know how much Marika usually runs either (i'd imagine mid-range) I got the capris from Groupon lol. They're super duper comfy. I'm going to look for some more on Amazon as I know they sell the brand and now TJ Maxx since you found the brand there :)
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    I got some Lululemon clothes off of ebay. I LOVE my yoga pants. Not so much the tank top or bra I bought. 

    I'm not particularly loyal to any brand. It seems with all of them you win some and lose some. I did get some yoga pants from aerie that seem to be a success. Love one of my Nike bras but haven't been crazy about others. 

    There were some shorts I bought from TJ Maxx that I LOVED but I only had them about a month before managing to lose them so far. Can't remember the brand- something smaller and yoga related. 
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    I agree -- TJ has some great stuff. I had a pair of yoga capris I loved from there, but they are now fraying at the bottom LOL! I guess that's what I get for paying $5.99 after Christmas last year lol

    I JUST got the outfit in the mail (i've been out of town) I posted above so I'll let you know how it fits. It is really cute though, and the bra-cups are removable which I like because they get all twisted in the wash for me.
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    As far as clothes go, I got these shorts at Walmart like 8 years ago. I love them.

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    I love Lululemon, its one of the only brands that I will shop exclusivley. For the amount of money I spent on crap yoga pants I could have bought 3 pairs. No other brand is like them!

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    I'm a lulu girl too, but I teach Physical Education, so they are my work clothes.  I don't actually own a lot of nicer stuff and I'm so happy I can "dress up" on Fridays in jeans.  Woo!!  I'm not sure if its available in the US, but once Lulu stopped making their stuff here in Canada and moved to Asia, another company took over their factories called One Tooth.  They make the same stuff, though more basics versus funky new stuff.  But pants are about $65 CDN versus $100.  

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    Lulu still makes some stuff in Canada, just not all. But I have checked out One Tooth before. (I used to live in Burlington, WA.. if you're Canadian from BC you know the town as the place that has the lulu outlet.. lol) Wasn't super impressed with the fit of things, but it was definitely better than a lot of companies. I didn't get to try their pants, though. just tops. Maybe I'll have to pop back in. 
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    My go-to bottoms are usually Nike Pro Capris as well or the Tempo Running Shorts. For tops, I love the workout tops from Target, they are so cute and cheap. I found tons of cute tanks on Clearance for as little as $4. I've also purchased a lot of sports bras and tanks from Dancewear Solutions, there are lots of color options and with the prices, you can afford to stock up on colors.
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    Sports bras- Victoria's Secret Sport
    Tops- Lululemon
    Bottoms- Gap Fit!
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