In place of a typical bridal party, the girls involved with my wedding ( there are 6 of them) are going to be giving me individual flowers that make up my bouquet.
I will start down the aisle with 3 flowers already wired, but then the girls will hand me one each to finish it off.
I can't find anything in all my searching that would make a quick way to clip/tie/or keep the flowers together while I made my way the rest of the way down.. I don't really want to stop and tie ribbon ( I just think they wouldn't really stay together that way) around them before I make my way down the rest of the aisle... does anyone have any suggestions for this?

I thought about a hair clip, but then I also thought certainly I'm not the only one who needed this and hopefully someone on here can help!



Re: Flowers

  • You could just hold them together for the ceremony and perhaps tie them with ribbon or something afterwards.
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    I think holding them together for the ceremony and tie them together after is your best bet.  You could also use a rubber band/ hair tie and stick them in that as you go until you can wrap them up. I'd try to get something green that won't stick out.
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