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  • @bigrouch - So a B&G are fine spending a bunch of money on everything you listed (dress, limo, dinner/dancing, multi-layer cake, etc.) but they can't host the stuff they're offering to their guests?

    Erm... I wasn't talking about the *same people*. I was just saying that the snark, about how people only care about local traditions when it saves them money, was completely inaccurate because most traditions associated with weddings are stupidly expensive. It's basic set math: Some people spend absurd amounts of money on local customs. Some people have cash bars and consider it a local custom. That does not, therefore, imply that all people who have cash bars also spend money on other local customs.
  • I like that this thread is less judgmental in a lot of ways. People are so quick to say "This is my opinion and anything else is rude/tacky" so it's nice seeing the other side. 

    The way I see it- your guests are adults. They can decide whether or not to drink. If you want a cash bar or a partially open bar (we're doing beer and wine, guests can choose to buy liquor) then your guests can choose whether or not to buy it. If they don't want to have to pay for liquor, guess what, they will just drink soda or coffee or any of the other perfectly acceptable, still quenching liquids you have chosen to provide free of charge.  Alcohol is not a necessity, so thank you for offering it at all. And this is nothing like that buffet example. You should provide food. It would be impolite not to. That is a necessity- the option of getting buzzed or not is not necessary. Of all the things that people get in such a twist about, this is one of the sillier ones.
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