Deciding on a florist. Help!

I have received prices and narrowed it down to 2 florists. Both are within the same price range, offer the same services, but have different styles. I do not have a specific style in mind besides my colors and the fact that I want some calla lillies in my boquet and both florists have been great in creating a beautiful boquet for me. Their styles are different, but I can't decide between them! I love them both! They are also both rather close to the reception site. Am I missing something on how to make a decision? My fiance and close family doesn't have a ton of opinion on the different styles, so I'm really stuck!!

What has been some of your deciding factors when they're this close?


Re: Deciding on a florist. Help!

  • Check their reviews. Make sure that one doesn't make great arrangements but skimps on the customer service. If that doesn't help and you truly don't care, I would honestly chose the cheaper one.
  • I would read their customer reviews. And check the contracts very carefully-when is your final order due? When is your final payment due? How much of a deposit do you need? What is their policy if you cancel their services? Etc. I would choose whomever had the best "terms." 

    Does either one have more experience at your venue? A better relationship with the venue? For instance, my florist did weddings at my venue all the time, she had a special arrangement that she would show up the following morning and collect all her stuff/clean up. Whereas if I had chosen a different florist, I would have been responsible for cleanup/collecting all glassware and removing it the night of the wedding, and returning it to the florist myself.
  • Reviews and comfort level when meeting with them. We had a few vendors when we met with them, there wasn't a good vibe & the ones we went with, not only had a good price, but we felt comfortable with.
  • Have you asked on your local board to see if you can get any real life experience reviews?
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  • You could also ask your other vendors (DOC, venue, caterer, photographer) if they have worked with the florists before and what they think of each one. 
  • Great, thanks, these are all great tips! I felt comfortable with both of them, and from what it sounds like, both of them were familiar with my venue. I do know that one venue helps to dispose of the flowers by taking them to a local nursing home, which I think is a good use of the flowers, and would help me to get rid of them, so that leans me towards them as well.
  • That's an awesome feel good reason to pick one! I'm sure the residents will love sharing in your happiness after your wedding is complete! =o) GL!
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