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Veil Problems :o(

My cousin generously offered to make me a veil because I couldn't find what I wanted. She made her own as well and it was beautiful. She sent it to me this week so I could have it for my hair trial on Saturday. It's awful! It has jagged edges, it's way too long and really poofy on the top. She had me try it on at my shower in June and said she was going to fix all those things but it is exactly the same. I don't know what to do. :o(

Re: Veil Problems :o(

  • That's a tough call. If she went out of her way to make it, it's then hard to tell her you don't like it.

    You can ask her again to fix the things you don't like, and if she doesn't correct it, then it might be time to look into a new veil.  Or, you can decide if you are only wearing it for a short period of time, you might want to just let it go. It depends on your relationship with her and if you think she will take it personally or not.

    However, you might want to order a backup veil just in case. I will be wearing my sister's veil, but I had looked at this site and liked many of their options:

    That way you will have another veil you like better, but won't have invested a lot of money in it in case your cousin does fix the one she has made for you.
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  • Do you think maybe she just hasn't gotten around to making the fixes? Or was your idea of what to fix and her idea different...
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  • @schellzinator, she said a few weeks ago that it was done, so I don't know. She said she was going to make changes back in June and she didn't. @sewinlovewithDMB I think I might go with that company. They have a veil I like for 8.99! I just hope the veil isn't necessary for the hair trial. 
  • Also, I think I may say it got damaged in the mail to spare her feelings. 
  • GreggysMomGreggysMom member
    edited September 2013

    Try to get a new one online. Mine wasn't very expensive, but it will be hard to explain what happened to the one she gave you I guess. . . . I like the "damaged" idea to spare her feelings. . . .

  • @erindandjohnh that stinks :( I definitely think you should go with that site!
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