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Bridesmaid issue

One of my 4 bridesmaids is beginning to complain about the dress I chose for the wedding.  I thought it flattered all of their body types but she is now suddenly saying she doesn't feel comfortable in the dress, when before she said she loved it.  I think she has put on a few pounds and is now feeling a bit tight in the dress.  The wedding is a month away.  How do I handle the situation delicately?  If it's about her weight I don't want to go there.  She is not an overweight person by any means, but she did mention she had gained about 8 lbs in the last couple of months and then the complaining began.  She doesn't live nearby so I can't gauge her weight gain.  She is emailing and texting the other girls to complain as well.  While one friend said to just tell her to stop eating crap and go get some exercise, I feel that isn't the best way to go about this.  Any suggestions?  ANYONE?  Please?!  THANKS!

Re: Bridesmaid issue

  • You could always give her the option of looking for a different dress in the same color if she is really that miserable.  It's better than damaging the friendship over it.

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  • Honestly, its not her day. I have been in a few weddings and the bridesmaid dress has been TERRIBLE. But it wasnt my day, so I wore the dress and partied anyways. You should be worrying about your dress. Tell her to see a seamstress and maybe they can help her with some alterations that will make her more comfortable. Good luck! 
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