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  • Dear Bossman,

    You are not making this last 1.5 weeks of work easy on me. Your crabbiness is not necessary and is stressing me out. Also, the lack of work your daughter is completing and her thinking that she doesn't need to listen to me, because she is your daughter, needs to stop!


    Stressed out


    Dear BMs:

    I cannot wait for Saturday! We are going to have a great time celebrating.

    Love you All!


    Dear September:

    I am over you, please be done, now.

    No love for you


    Dear FILS:

    I cannot handle you anymore. The two of you are so full of yourselves. This is our wedding, not yours. If you were contributing, you'd have a say. Since you are not, shut your damn mouths!


    You are my Bridezilla moments....


  • Dearest @cu97tiger,

    I just saw this! My TK notifications have been screwy for the past few days. Yes please let's do this!!!! You'll hear from me soon :)


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