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Affordable, trustworthy seamstress in Westchester county


I bought my wedding dress from David's Bridal website 2-3 months ago for around $230.
I am extremely excited that I got such a beautiful dress for an amazing price, but I do need alteration done because I am so tiny & nothing ever fits.... :(
I was lucky to grab size 0P, so I do not need to shorten the hem with my killer heels, but I do need the waist (side?) to be taken in, and I need to put a bustle.

After reading upon many reviews about DB horror stories, and my personal experience at the DB in Yonkers, I am debating about whether to take my dress to DB for alteration.

My goal is to spend less than $150 for alteration if possible (I would hate to spend more than the cost of my dress on alteration), and at this point, I feel like it's quite do-able since I only need (what it seems to me) minor changes.

Does anyone know a good, affordable and trustworthy seamstress in the Westchester county? Even Hudson Valley area would do (I go to Kingston, NY area often).

Any tips/heads-up/advice regarding taking the dress to DB for alteration would be wonderful as well.
If I do take the dress to a DB, I am thinking of going to the one in Spring Valley since I had better experience there than Yonkers.

Thank you!
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